Artisan Care

When I started woodworking last spring, I thought I may build a few things, be better equipped to sand something and that was about all. What I did not anticipate was a growing passion that has continued to challenge and teach me new lessons. The thought of being able to build high quality items for […]

Franklin 150

The Battle of Franklin made up some of the bloodiest hours of the Civil War. Thousands of men died on both sides of the line. 2014 marks the 150 anniversary of the battle. Be sure to visit  

Oh Wood-ness!

So I started woodworking this past year as hobby. It has been a fantastic learning experience. It is so cool to use modern technology to learn about principles hundreds of year old that still apply to the craft today.

So Busy.

I have been up to my eyes in work since I accepted a job as the new Art Director at Birdsong Creative. More work = good for me and less posts for you.

The Creative Thinking Myth

Being habitually creative requires far more than original thinking. Published on March 29, 2012 by Jeffrey Davis, M.A. in Tracking Wonder The right-brained creativity myth isn’t the only limited notion of what creativity is, what it requires, and how it happens. Again, let me be audacious enough to mention another one: the creative thinking myth. And you tell me what you think. […]

Analog Friday

I found a great photo of a this woman at I rather liked the quick little sketch i did. I am always working on proportions, measurements, and placement.